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A unique alternative to traditional fast food

Since opening its doors in the 1980s, Miami Subs Grill has strived to stand out from fast food and casual theme restaurant competitors. Its current strategies are designed to help the Ft. Lauderdale-based chain maintain its niche of serving a variety of healthy and tasty menu items.


Fort Lauderdale, FL – “Innovative” is a word that has been associated with Miami Subs Grill since Greek immigrant Gus Boulis opened a sub shop in 1983 that evolved into the multi-unit franchise of today.


With its bright art deco design, accentuated by blue and pink neon, the restaurant is easy to recognize. And its freshly prepared choices still offers patrons an alternative to traditional fast food chains. The late Boulis has long since sold Miami Subs Grill, but the restaurant continues to set trends that help it stand apart from the crowd of fast food and casual eateries – including the development of co-branded stores and the addition of new varieties of its signature menu items.


Miami Subs Grill is uniquely positioned in a niche between fast food chains and casual theme restaurants. It has drive-thru windows and does not have waiter service, but unlike most fast food outlets, Miami Subs Grill has built its reputation on made-to-order selections from a menu that is more like a casual eatery. Company officials believe their continued commitment to offering greater variety than the competitors will help Miami Subs Grill to remain a unique place to eat.


In the early 1990s, Miami Subs Grill pioneered what is now commonly known as co-branding when it entered an agreement with Baskin Robbins. Though that partnership no longer exists, Miami Subs Grill has reinforced its belief in the benefits of teaming with other recognizable names. Today, it has 91 locations in seven states. Sixty of those restaurants are co-branded with Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips and Kenny Rogers Roasters. Eventually, the company would like to co-brand each of its outlets, according to Jaden Smith, director of marketing for Miami Subs Grill.


“We believe that it’s important to provide customers with an assortment of attractive options on the menu,” Smith said. “With the co-brand partners, we can satisfy a broad range of tastes, which makes Miami Subs Grill a more enticing place for friends and families to eat.”


Of course, the items that Miami Subs Grill is known for – like cheesesteaks, gyros, pitas, flame-broiled burgers, chicken wings and subs – are still the emphasis. In co-branded stores, Miami Subs items compose 60 percent of the menu. Years before fast food competitors started adding healthy choices to their menus, Miami Subs sold pitas, salads, flame-broiled chicken and burgers, and subs. To further enhance their selection of healthy alternatives to items found at traditional fast food outlets, the restaurant introduced its “License to Grill” theme. For example, last October Miami Subs Grill debuted its pita griller sandwiches, which feature fresh meats, vegetables and special sauces. Recently, grilled chicken wings arrived on the menu.


“We continue to demonstrate the philosophy of being creative and catering to the varied interests of our wide customer base,” Smith said. “By offering new options for our signature items, we are giving our customers new variations of our top selling selections.”

Coated with a delectable and zesty Chipotle BBQ sauce, the grilled chicken wings are especially unique because they are 100 percent grilled.


“In most cases, grilled chicken wings at other restaurants are fried first, and then they are grilled,” said Nancy Murphy, vice president of purchasing for Miami Subs Grill. “Our grilled chicken wings are 100 percent grilled and never fried. They’re also double marinated, which keeps the meat moist and juicy.”


In the short period of time they have been on the menu, the grilled chicken wings have created a stir of Miami Subs Grill. Officials projected initial reports of 25 platters a day, but many of the company’s 90 locations have recorded twice that number. Reinforcing America’s ever-growing fondness for the chargrilled flavor, the grilled chicken wings are outselling Krispy wings, a beloved item on the restaurant’s menu since it opened.


The grilled chicken wings offer an additional choice for wing-loving customers who have savored Miami Subs Grill’s Krispy wings. Initial marketing research indicates that most of the orders for grilled chicken wings are from customers who prefer the chargrilled flavor over the breaded and fried version. The restaurant saw a similar response when it introduced the Grilled Asian Philly, a new choice for cheesesteak-loving patrons.


In a move company officials believe will please existing customers and attract new guests, Miami Subs Grill intends to add 3-4 limited time offers each year on its menu, Smith said. The response will determine whether the items remain on the menu long term. Customers can also expect remodeled exteriors and interiors that will retain the restaurant’s renowned light and tropical ambiance. Miami Subs Grill has three new test locations that are open in south Florida.


It is all part of the company’s mission to remain a welcomed unique alternative to traditional fast food.


Miami Subs Grill, a division of Nathan’s Famous Inc, features a variety of freshly prepared and made to order menu items served in a relaxing, tropically themed atmosphere. The company is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


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