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There was a time when a good reputation alone - spread by word of mouth - was enough to create and maintain a successful restaurant. Those times; however, are long gone. More than it ever has been, positive public awareness is vital to a restaurant's success - and this positive public awareness is today best achieved through a restaurant public relations campaign, versus traditional restaurant advertising.


Simply put, getting your name in front of your target audience is a key to building your restaurant's bottom line and effective restaurant marketing. Basically, there are two ways to do this through the media. The costly way - buying advertising - which breeds skepticism since your audience knows that you paid for the message. The second way is to get the media to write and talk about you. This builds credibility since the public believes what they read, hear and see in the media over what is presented to them in an advertisement. People are influenced by editorial content - content they believe you didn't pay to have published. They're far more likely to trust what journalists, magazine writers and talk show hosts say versus what is advertised.


Whether you are preparing to open a new restaurant, or if you are an established business searching for ways to enhance your bottom line, PR is an exceptional restaurant marketing tool. It's an ideal way to attract attention for grand openings and other special events. It's a productive technique to create interest among prospective franchisees. And it's a proven method of differentiating your restaurant from the crowd of competitors.


In a crowded sea of public relations firms, Quantified Marketing Group (QMG) is a welcoming beacon that guides you to where you want to go. We are the only public relations firm that specializes in the hospitality industry. Our staff consists of former reporters and editors who know how to generate exposure for your restaurant in local, regional and national media outlets. QMG has worked with clients across the nation, including leading high-volume independent restaurants, renowned chain restaurants and respected vendors and suppliers. We know the hospitality industry cold. We look forward to making a difference for you!


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