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Restaurant Design

Restaurant design always starts with a “bright idea.” But where do those bright restaurant design ideas come from?

Since customers ultimately drive

restaurant design trends

, many of your restaurant design ideas will come from your clientele. Successful restaurant design ideas are bred with an understanding of the types of experiences your customers are looking for and the promise your brand has made to them. You may know what types of menu items they crave, but do you know what kinds of restaurant design ideas create an atmosphere that will welcome them time and time again?

While some

restaurant design

ideas would work just about anywhere with just about anyone, there are many customer-centric factors that could sway your concept. For example, if your establishment were located in a ritzy section of a high-end community, your restaurant design ideas would need to suit the upscale patron. Likewise, if you are in a southern state where the sun shines and the birds sing most of the year, your restaurant design ideas might reflect the climate and lifestyle of the customers in your geography.

That’s the tactic Señor Frog’s took when it opened its first store in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The Mexican eatery’s restaurant design ideas coincided with a re-branding effort that included an entirely new creative platform. The company’s restaurant design ideas played off the personality of Señor Frog, the corporate mascot. Sometimes donning blue jeans and sandals, other times in lifeguard attire, Señor Frog is the epitome of a beach going young adult, which is exactly the target audience to which the restaurant design ideas cater.

Señor Frog’s restaurant design ideas offer a beach theme suitable for the fun, outgoing, energetic crowd that frequents the restaurant. Guests hang together, dance, sing and basically act the way they want – without worrying about silly rules and regulations. Restaurant design ideas included tile to create the look of water and sand on the floor and a real wood boardwalk. Other restaurant design ideas visualized crate bin display tables, bamboo ceilings and coconut lights.

Restaurant design ideas at Señor Frog’s even pictured giant beer cans and lily pads. Wood shutters, angled display walls and a circle pattern were also among the many beach-inspired restaurant design ideas. Against a backdrop of fun, festive and bright colors, the restaurant design ideas flow with the re-branding effort to offer a consistent look and feel inside and outside the restaurant.

Again, restaurant design always starts with a “bright idea.” Those bright ideas ultimately come through customer-colored glasses. Working with an experienced restaurant designer will ensure your restaurant design ideas hit their intended target – with the right arrows. It’s been said that there is no new idea under the sun, but Señor Frog’s demonstrates that a clever variation on a classic restaurant design idea can bring diners coming back for more.